Our latex is European-certified by the Eco-Institut and LGA.

Willow Latex Mattress Certifications

Plus it is also certified by T-Mark and the cover by GOTS. So when you buy a Willow Mattress you can be sure it is of the highest quality and durability as well as being free from harmful substances with no unhealthy off-gassing. 

1. Eco-Institut: This German body is a highly respected organisation responsible for testing products to determine their pollutants and emissions. They have a stringent testing criteria that goes beyond EU requirements giving you the confidence that our latex does not contain even trace amounts of hazardous chemicals and will not produce unhealthy off-gassing. 

2. LGA: Another German body the LGA evaluates the quality and durability of a product putting it through rigorous tests that simulate a lifetime of use ensuring that our latex is of the highest quality and durability.

3. GOTS (Global Organic Textiles Standard): Our mattress cover is made from certified organic cover ensuring no pesticides are being used in the growing of the cotton and that it is not made with excessive amounts of synthetic materials.

4. T-Mark (Thailand Trust Mark): Like other marks such as Eurolatex and Australia-Made marks, the T-Mark guarantees products originating from Thailand meet world-class standards providing you with complete peace of mind.