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Health, luxury and eco-friendly sleep at an affordable price from Singapore’s own Willow Mattress

Our award-winning Certified 100% Natural Latex and Organic Mattresses just got even better with the ultimate in fine-tuned comfort!

Adjustable Comfort
Our unique 3 layer adjustable comfort system comprises of 3 layers of A-Grade certified 100% Natural Latex in differing densities allowing you to fine-tune your comfort level.

Our tried and tested Med-Firm and Firm comfort levels remain the same, naturally. They are our most popular comfort level with over 95% of customers opting (and loving!) one of these comfort levels. Just check out our independent reviews on Google for more from our happy customers.

Our new mattress, however, helps us to more easily accommodate those who have a need or preference for an Extra-Firm or even a softer comfort level. Plus, trying the mattress in a showroom for 20 minutes is not the same as sleeping on it 7-8 hours so after a few nights you might decide to change your comfort level anyway. Fortunately our 100 night trial accommodates this.

And don’t forget our Half/Half King-Size Mattress options for those couples with different comfort needs!

Removable Cover for complete transparency
Our mattress cover is made from GOTS Certified Organic Cotton and is completely removable and washable for those that want further protection from dust and mould – and to actually see what they are buying! (Or those who just want to admire the beauty of 100% A-Grade natural latex! Or is it just us that does that?)

100% Certified Natural & Organic Latex
It’s our whole mattress that is certified – not just an ingredient – meaning when we say Certified 100% Natural or Certified 100% Organic we mean it. It’s 100% made out of Certified 100% Natural and Organic Latex! And not a thin layer of 100% Natural Latex surrounded by wadding or synthetic foams. Nor is it a blended synthetic latex that features Certified Natural Latex but is combined with synthetic.

Willow tip: If a mattress says ‘100% Latex’ or ‘Natural Latex’ this isn’t the same as saying ‘100% Natural Latex’.

Making 100% Natural & Organic Latex Affordable
100% Natural and Organic Latex comes at a price. But we have done our absolute best to ensure the best possible price for a genuine Certified 100% Natural and 100% Organic Latex Mattress but without compromising on quality, health or comfort. We are involved in every step from plantation to factory to QC to delivery to your home. We ship direct from source (and not via Europe, the US or Australia) to our warehouse in Singapore and we don’t have dedicated showroom costs or franchise fees to pay.

Widest range of sizes
Available in both certified 100% Natural and certified 100% Organic Latex and in 14 different sizes including Singapore, European, Ikea, American, Australian, UK – and other custom-sizes can be ordered also.

Free from harmful substances
All our latex is European-certified by the Eco-Institu and LGA. It is also certified by T-Mark and GOTS. So when you buy a Willow Mattress, you know it is of the highest quality and durability as well as being free from harmful substances with no unhealthy off-gassing.

The main difference between our Organic and Natural mattress that the organic comes from a certified organic plantation where the trees are organically grown without the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides. However, there is absolutely no difference in the quality, durability and health benefits between the Organic and the Natural. Both are made with 100% Natural Latex. And the end product is the same. The choice is purely an environmental one in terms of how the trees are grown. We just offer customers the choice respecting the fact that not all customers can or want to pay more for organically grown.

Shopping around?
Make sure to compare like-for-like? How much of the mattress is actually 100% Natural Latex vs Synthetic Latex, Foams, Fillers and Wadding? If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is. Can you unzip the cover and see the quality of the latex? Is their marketing carefully worded to imply it's made from 100% Natural Latex when actually it only 'features 'or 'includes' certified 100% Natural Latex.

Current Promo!
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Our new shipment arrives Mid-End of August but in the meantime you can come into our showroom to try it - everyone that comes in to try the mattress is eligible for the 100 day trial.

Plus all pre-orders placed before our next shipment arrives get $250 off.

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