How To Set Up your 100% Natural Latex Mattress

There are 3 simple steps to setting up your mattress.
We offer Free Custom Set-up when you buy your mattress, so this is only if you choose to adjust or move your mattress at a later date.
NOTE: For Queen and King size mattresses, it is strongly recommended that 2 people do this, with one on either side of the bed.


Step 1. Lay out the bottom cover evenly on the base of your bed

  • Ensure that the cover is laid flat and that the corners match up squarely to the corners of the base of your bed.
  • After unzipping, the part that connects the top and bottom parts shouldbe at the head end of the bed.


Step 2. Add the 3 layers of latex on top of the bottom cover

  • Add the layers on, ensuring that each layer is laid flat and that the corners match up squarely to the corners of your bed base and to the layer below.
  • Your mattress comes with 3 layers of differing thickness and firmness. Place the layers in the order that you prefer based on your preference for firmness. The 3 options are shown below:


Step 3. Add the TOP of the cover on top of the latex layers 

  • Take the top half of the cover and lay it over the top of the latex layers.
  • Pull the zip closed, and you are done!
  • Now just make your bed with fresh linen and enjoy your sleep!


What sort of frame or base should be used with a Latex Mattress

  • While it’s OK to use a divan base with your Willow Mattress, we recommend using a slatted bed base to allow your latex to breathe fully. However, the slats should be 5 cm apart (2 inches) - but no more than 8 cm (or 3 inches) apart to provide sufficient support.


    Washing Instructions

    • Your outer and inner covers are removable, and washable on a 40° cycle.


    How to care for your latex mattress

    • Prevent exposing your latex mattress to direct sunlight (i.e. without the cover on). This can cause the latex to start to break down and shorten its’ life span.
    • Do not fold it, bend it, tear it, burn it. Don’t smoke in bed, burn candles in bed, or iron on your mattress.
    • Do not store your bed directly next to a heat source, to prevent scalding
    • Use a mattress protector on top of your mattress, just like with any other mattress
    • Unfortunately, stains are hard to remove and can break down the composition of your mattress if they are left to set in. So if you spill something, wash it immediately with mild soap and water and dry it with a fan until it’s completely dry.
    • Your mattress does not need to be flipped or rotated.

    For further enquiries, or support with setting up your mattress feel free to call us at +65 8787 7817.