At Willow, we care deeply about our planet, and the legacy we are leaving our children.  While we are by no means perfect, we believe our 100% natural latex mattresses and Organic Cotton covers provide one of the most eco-friendly sleeping options available in Singapore.

The Tree

The natural latex we use is tapped from Hevea brasiliensis – a.k.a. the rubber tree. Our latex is grown in Thailand.  The trees are not harmed in the process, and a single tree can produce latex for up to 25 years.

Carbon footprint

  •    The process that transforms natural liquid latex into latex for Willow Mattresses not only doesn’t produce greenhouse gases - it actually absorbs them. In addition, our rubber trees absorb tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere each year.
  •    Because we manufacture close to where the trees are harvested, and import close to source, we have a much lower carbon footprint than many mattress manufacturers

The manufacturing process

  •    Our manufacturing process (the Dunlop Process) doesn’t involve hundreds of chemicals. The Dunlop Process is water based – and uses less water than other processes of making latex.  The process generates no harmful by-products. Of course, the finished product is also free of toxins of any kind, including the volatile compounds “outgassed” by synthetic foams.


  •    Because Latex is made from 100% natural materials, it means they’re fully biodegradable.  Your mattress will not pollute the planet for millennia to come. The cover of the mattress is also fully biodegradable.  The only thing that isn’t, is the zipper, and we’re working on that.