Our mattresses come in the following sizes.  
Please make sure you measure your bed frame to make sure it’ll fit before you purchase.

Willow Mattress Size and Price List 

PLEASE NOTE: Mattresses or beds might not follow the standard sizing for the country you bought it in. E.g. a mattress bought in Singapore may be European sizing, or a custom size particular to that shop – not standard SG size.

Especially in markets like Singapore, there is no standard - you can find mattresses in varying dimensions even though they have same name e.g. "Queen" or "King".

So be sure to personally measure your existing mattress or bed base or frame before purchasing.

If you have a box frame, it is perfectly normal to have to compress the mattress a it a little bit (‘tuck it in’) to fit it neatly into the frame; it will not damage or change the sleeping properties of your mattress in any way.