How do I schedule delivery?

We offer free delivery and set-up by our professional team within 3-4 working days from ordering and at a time to suit you.

When placing your order please also specify if require mattress disposal. Our team can remove and dispose of your mattress at no additional charge.

Access to my home is difficult – will you be able to deliver?

Yes. Our mattress arrives in 3 boxes, so will easily fit up small staircases and lifts. It’s reasonably light too, so it doesn’t need a lot of people to move it.

How much does delivery cost?

Delivery is free.

Can you dispose of my old mattress?

Yes, mattress disposal is free. Please let us know at the time of ordering.

What sort of base/foundation should my mattress be on?

We recommend using a slatted bed base to allow your mattress to breathe fully. The slats should ideally 5cm apart and no more than 8cm apart. Where the slats are wider apart we recommend contacting a handyman to provide you with a quote for a plywood base. Solid wood and divan bed bases are also acceptable but please note they may make your mattress feel slightly firmer than in-store. For all other types of bed base please call us on 8787 7817 before ordering. Latex, whilst durable, is a flexible material and a suitable bed base is required to ensure appropriate comfort. Some customers choose to place their mattresses on the floor. Again this will make your mattress feel somewhat firmer than in-store.

Does the firmness feel the same to everyone?

No. This is dependent on many factors, including sleep position, your overall size, body shape and weight. For a heavier person, the mattress will feel softer as they sink deeper into the mattress. A lighter person will sink less into the mattress so it’ll feel firmer.

Will I feel my partner move, from my side of the bed?

Latex is renowned for having low partner disturbance. To a small extent you may feel something depending on your bed frame, but not nearly as much as you’d feel with a spring mattress! The structure of the latex is innately shock-absorbent, so minimises any sensation of movement from the other side of the bed.

What sizes does the Willow Mattresses come in and what are the dimensions?

Our mattresses come in a range of sizes. Click here to view our mattress sizes and instructions for choosing the correct size. Natural Latex, unlike traditional mattresses, is a flexible and adaptable material, which is what gives it it's great properties like breathability. But it means that the dimensions may vary +/- 2cm on the overall mattress, and/or the individual layers.

If you have a box frame, it is perfectly normal to have to compress the mattress a it a little bit (‘tuck it in’) to fit it neatly into the frame; it will not damage or change the sleeping properties of your mattress in any way.

Where can I try the mattress?

We have a show-bed in our pop-up store, kindly hosted by our friends at Emperor's Attic at 01-10 Tan Boon Liat Building, 315 Outram Road. The display bed is half “firm” and the other half is set to “medium-firm”.

How does the 100-night sleep trial work?

We're so confident that you’re going to love your Willow Mattress, that we’ll give you a 100 night free trial. If you truly don’t like it by the end of the trial period, we'll pick it up from you, and give you all your money back, minus the cost of the original delivery.

However, we do ask that you sleep on the mattress for a minimum of 30 days and that it is returned in good condition.

We won’t charge penalty fees or pickup fees and we won’t resell a used mattress.

Please double-check your measurements before you buy a Willow Mattress to confirm that it fits your bed. See Mattress Size Guide here.

If I buy multiple mattresses, do I get a discount?

Yes, if you buy more than one mattress you can get an additional $100 off your order. Please call us at the time of ordering to get your special coupon code.

How is the Willow Mattress made?

It’s made from 100% natural Latex, which is tapped straight from the rubber tree. The rubber gets transported to a factory close by, where the mattress is manufactured using the Dunlop Process (i.e. the latex is whipped into a froth then baked in large steam moulds). This manufacturing method is as eco-friendly as we could find.

Why is the Willow Mattress so much cheaper than other 100% Latex mattresses?

We keep our costs low, and pass those savings on to you. We keep costs low by:
- Avoiding unnecessary bells and whistles. For instance, we’ve tested extensively across different body shapes, sizes and personal preferences and found that 20cm is the perfect depth for the core. No more, no less.
- Minimising shipping and transport costs by producing and selling Willow Mattresses close to their source (Thailand). They don't get produced and shipped over the world before they end up in Singapore.
- Avoiding an expensive retail foot print to minimise overheads. We sell online, via phone or via our small pop-up shop at Emperor's Attic.
- We don’t have commissioned sales people.

Is the Willow Mattress eco-friendly?

Yes, the Willow Mattress has many eco-friendly properties. Read here for more details.

What does the 15 Year Limited Warranty cover?

For further details on our 15 Year Limited Warranty please visit our warranty page.

Can I remove and wash the mattress cover?

Can I get pillows and other bedding items from Willow?

For now we only selling the mattress but watch this space…

What is the depth/thickness of your mattress?

The depth/thickness of the mattress is 20cm.

A Willow Mattress comprises of 3 layers of differing densities. A softest layer 5cm, a firmest layer 7.5cm and a layer of in-between or medium density 7.5cm. For ease of communications we refer to them as soft, medium and firm. Each layer is certified 100% Natural Latex with a cotton inner cover. There are no other gels, fillers or foams. The entire mattress is covered by a removable and washable certified organic cotton outer cover.